Petrology is that the branch of earth science that studies the origin, composition, distribution and structure of rocks. Lithology was once just about similar with petrography, however in present usage; lithology focuses on macroscopic hand-sample or outcrop-scale description of rocks whereas petrography is that the specialty that deals with microscopic details. Within the oil trade, lithology, or additional specifically mud work, is that the graphic illustration of geologic formations being trained through, and drawn on a log known as a mud log. Because the cuttings area unit circulated out of the borehole they're sampled, examined (typically underneath a 10× microscope) and tested with chemicals once required. Morphology utilizes the fields of geology, petrography, optical geology, and analysis to explain the composition and texture of rocks. Pathologists conjointly embody the principles of chemical science and geophysical science through the study of geochemical trends and cycles and also the use of physics information and experiments so as to rise perceive the origins of rocks.

  • Precambrian rock associations
  • Petrology of metamorphic rocks
  • Metamorphic rock and metamorphism
  • Generation of megma
  • Composition and classification of magmatic rocks
  • Filed relations of volcanic rock bodies
  • Kinetic rocks and magmatic rock
  • Petroleum Science and Technology
  • Chemical dynamics of melts and crystals
  • Crystal melts equilibrium in magmatic system

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