Mineralogy is subject of geology specializing in scientific study of crystal structure, chemistry, and physical properties of minerals and the mineralized artifacts. Specific studies within the mineralogy include the processes of formation and mineral origin Petrology is the study of rocks, meteorites and minerals, their occurrence, origin, evolution, composition, evolution of solar system and the interior of planets. Processes involve tectonic movements of masses, injections and volcanic eruptions, solidification and crystallization, melting and recrystallization, sedimentation, weathering, metamorphism, megascopic and microscopic identification of rocks and minerals. The interior structure of Earth from the core, mantle, lithosphere, continental and oceanic crust, hydrosphere, atmosphere to biosphere illustrated along with nebular theory of age and origin. Rocks have been classified into the three major genetic classes, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Theory of plate tectonics for current configuration of Earth lithosphere and component continents with zone of seduction, plate boundaries such as convergent, transform and divergent are discussed. Organics movements through the collision and non-collision are explained.

  • Polymorphism and Isomorphism
  • Chemical and Physical Properties
  • Carbonates and Nitrates
  • Sedimentary Petrology
  • Igneous Rocks and Thier Classifications
  • Archaeological Applications
  • Investigation Methods
  • Order of minerals and Classifications
  • Characteristics of Mineralogy
  • Characteristics of petrology
  • Mine Development
  • Western Minerals regions
  • Building Materials
  • Ceramics and Glasses
  • Natural Gemstones

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